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Since we first opened the Life in a Lens museum in 2001 we have continued to developed our concept and opened The Victorian Teashop as a facility of the museum in 2005. We have always championed the better aspects and potential here in the Derbyshire village of Matlock Bath and run a live web cam from the museum building.

This web site is a gateway to our three main sites – the museum, the teashop and the web cam and is also a general contact, comment, news and information point for what we are doing and what we are trying to achieve. This site also contains our 'blog', which is a regular 'point of view' and 'opinion' page on which we hope to occasionally air the views of guest 'bloggers' as well as those of our own.

Look at these sites and you will see that although we take our work very seriously, we have a lot of fun doing it and don't take ourselves too seriously. Have fun!

Peter Hague

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This web site may contain language that some readers find offensive or inappropriate for a museum and teashop

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