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Dated 11/09/06

Blogs can be a personal moan or an informative presentation of straight, technical informative. Ours is neither – it is our assessment of what is true.

The philosophical definition of truth, in the minimalist sense, says that there is no such thing as a 'definition of truth' and the only thing you can say about truth is that a sentence like ‘there is a 'camera' there’ is only true because 'there is a 'camera' and it is 'there'. This is a trivial thing to say but it is the only thing to say according to 'minimalist truth'. 'Absolute truth' however, as an 'absolute' is even more difficult to render or to comprehend, so let's not bother...

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Truth, Glorious Truth!

we might as well do a blog about truth. One truth about Matlock Bath is that it is a designated conservation area, but you might not believe it judging by the antics of some of the local folk, who tend to just ignore it. So straight away we are put into the compromising position of not being able to believe 'a truth' when there is one.

If you stand in the centre of Matlock Bath (if you can find a true centre, that it) and cover one eye with a piece of card you may well be able to say with some certainty that Matlock Bath looks to all intents and purposes like a designated conservation area. However, this is only a half-truth, since you are only using one eye and turning the other one (the blind eye) away (or at least covering it's vision). Remove the card and the view may well be different. "What's that?" you might exclaim, "Off to the left! A white elephant! What's that doing in a conservation area?".

This of course is an extreme example. But there may be some relevance anyway, because a white elephant is almost a conservation area in it's own right. The term derives from the white elephant of East Asia, which is high-maintenance and has no practical use, but is considered sacred in Burmese culture and therefore cannot be neglected or abandoned.

There may well be a 'white elephant' in Matlock Bath, but I could not really comment, since there is some truth that can only be used with the word 'allegedly' in front of it, which renders it useless in terms of either minimalist or absolute truth. As we have seen, a white elephant is pretty useless too and as a definition it is 'a supposedly valuable possession whose upkeep costs exceed its usefulness, and it is therefore a liability'. Again, there may well be one in Matlock Bath, but I couldn't possibly comment?

The last time I saw a white elephant, in the descriptive sense, it was a pot one in a local Garden Centre, which is interesting, because perhaps Matlock Bath should be a designated 'Garden Centre' instead of a 'Conservation Area'? The letters are different but the words are very similar in sound and meaning. Garden centres specialise in recreation, rest, activity, barbecue sets, water features, capitalism... and there are some trees here and there too. So that's it then. Matlock Bath – A Designated Garden Centre. It's got a nice ring to it! ... we can only dream!

Peter Hague, 11th September, 2006

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  Hi, your 'blogger' today is me. Designer of the teashop and the museum and the various sites. I suppose I will now have to update this' blog page' every month or so to keep it fresh and interesting. Okay then, though I may use a guest 'blogger' from time to time if anyone has anything to say about Matlock Bath. I may also publish your comments here if you e-mail me and want them published. Meanwhile, I'm staying up here until I'm wanted. Everything seems much more possible up here!

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