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Is there life beyond the museum, teashop and web cam? Apparently yes!

These are a few of the emails we have received concerning the Life in a Lens museum, The Victorian Teashop and the web cam:


Hi, Matlock Bath is my adopted home. I'm from Dublin, Ireland but my husband and I bought our home in Matlock Bath in 1990. For work, we moved to California in '93 but have come back home whenever we can, sometimes for months at a time. Right now I'm working in silicon valley and living in San Jose, so your web cam give me a birds eye view of my 'home town' daily. THANKS SO MUCH!!

Regards, & keep up the good work.

Hi, we have an Ice Cream Parlour and Restaurant in Kent and I was looking for Ice Cream Supplies on the internet when I came across your website. It is hilarious, very well done. If we ever come to your part of the country we would love to pay you a visit as your place sounds as mad as ours.

Very best wishes,
G Hill

(She's talking about the Teashop site)


Dear peter,

I love visiting Matlock, especially your tearoom. I go on the matlock site a lot and love it when it is updated. You seem to devote a lot of time and energy to the site and i would like to know if you have personnel connections to Matlock as it seems very dear to you.


Dear Sir,

Today I was surfing the web and discovered your website and the webcam overlooking Matlock Bath. My husband and I stayed in Cromford in March 2006 and visited Matlock Bath, because our daughter worked there at that time. She now lives in Matlock Bath and I miss her sometimes. So I thank you for your webcam, I imagine that I see her white car passing by!

Best wishes and regards!
T. Reuser

"I very much enjoyed your site (web cam), especially the gallery of video clips. I am saving you to my favorite spots. My wife and I are going to London for a week in March and I suppose we will not be able to visit Matlock Bath, but I will place it on the MUST DO list."

Thanks for a wonderful site.
Tom Mattax
Oklahoma USA

"Dear Sir, Just thought I would drop you a line to thank you for your web cam, I was surfing the net and came across your web cam and it inspired me to visit Matlock bath again after many years. We have planned to return on our motorbike soon as well. Sad as it sounds I spent a few minutes looking for the camera, but spotted it in your top floor window. Please keep it on line as it is so real life so to speak, and maybe put a few more of the unusual clips to see. Great work, keep it up."

Yours truly, J. Fisk

"Dear Sir/Madam, I am a Brit working in California and have not returned to Matlock Bath in many years. Hence, your site is a real life-saver when moments of homesickness overwhelm. My honoured parents lived in the Victorian Gasworks at the base of the cable cars. I was wondering whether you had any footage of that environ? If so, I would be pleased if you would share it with me."

Thanks in advance, Simon P. Chandler Ph.D.
Napa, CA 94558

"Just looking at your web site at Judith's. Well done Peter... and good luck with it. You have worked hard."

See you soon. Love Dad xx

"Dear Life in a Lens, I enjoyed my visit. It was very interesting, because, we're doing about Victorians at school."

Regards HANNAH

"Hi there just discovered the web cam good to keep an eye on my shop."

Keep up the good work

"Hello, I have just discovered your web site and think it is brilliant. I spent many happy hour in Matlock when I was younger and your efforts have inspired me to want to return. I'm fascinated with your webcams and well done."

Ian Norcup

"Hi, Just to say since i found your web site with the web cam, i visit it most days to see what's happening even as its so little that changes. Being in Adelaide, South Australia, and being a Chesterfield Born and bread, its nice to have the technology to view from so far away. Good work."

Regards Mr.Evans

"Hi to you all. I have enjoyed just looking at the upgraded site for the tea shop and find it very good. I enjoy your out side web cam and have it on most days. Hope to see you all again in the tea shop very soon.

Take care and keep up the good work."


"HELLO, My wife and I visited your camera museum today, It is the first time we have been, and I would like to have a good talk with you about it, but alas time was not on our side. I feel I have to congratulate you on your excellent displays , the room layouts and content. Being an avid collector myself, we have a very similar collection, I found myself saying to my wife "got that one, got that one". I have mainly concentrated on the cameras though and don't have such a diverse collection encompassing some of the later formats ,developing equipment and photo paraphernalia. I have read your background and reasons for setting it all up on your web page, and I think that a collection like this will stand the test of time and will be a shining example to all us camera buffs."

Best Wishes and Regards, Gary

"Hi There, I live in Matlock Bath and have just discovered your web cam site - fantastic, I love the gallery. Question- I went running yesterday morning at approx 9.30am returning along past the Jubilee Bridge about 10am. Can you find me - it would be great to see myself in your gallery!!! Oh also, I am sure that my friends and I feature in 'shock horror'!"

I'll keep watching anyway. Thanks for the entertainment! J. Sellers .

"I really do love the site as it has kept me in touch with my home town over the past few months. As it happens I'm moving back to Matlock for good next week having lived in four houses in "Bath" since 1975. Five years in London have made me appreciate it even more! I've never had the time to visit the museum on my flying visit weekends but will make sure I do when I get back."

Again thanks for the Cam, it's been brilliant while couldn't have the real thing!"

Regards S. Dormand.

"Congratulations on a great site. As an ex Matlock Bath resident I wish you luck."

Regards Norm Lee

"Peter, Belated New Year greetings from Greece. You may not remember but I wrote a year ago congratulating you on the site as it bought back so many many memories of my childhood in the 'Bath'. I still have a look every few days at the passing seasons - fascinating.

A question. Why doesn't the Derwent ever flood in the winter? When I was a lad it was not so common but I remember seeing the river wash the bottom irons of Jubilee Bridge when there was a severe flood. I fell in once from the landing stage that was on your side just under the bridge, during a severe flood, trying to save my dog who had fallen in. We got washed down to what was (may still be but doubtful) Smiths small boat hire yard. I was a strong swimmer being a regular during the summer at the New Bath Hotel pool so I saved the dog and myself. I got a hell of ticking of from Police Sergeant George Tansley (who would remember that name, I wonder) who lived next door to us in a house called Ferny Bank which I guess is about two doors along from you, Turning left out of your place that is. There were the odd drowning's during flood times and so I was very lucky."

Regards P.Warwick (formerly Wright)

 So far the only miserable e-mail we have received is printed below. Come on! We're only trying to promote a museum and educate people Mr BBC Radio Derby:

"Dear Sir, I notice that your webcam to which links has had the name of the ''Life In A Lens Museum'' superimposed upon the picture. Unfortunately, due to commercial restrictions, if the wording remains in place we will no longer be able to link to the webcam.

Also, I notice that your web site includes the words: 'Awarded BBC Radio Derby's 'Web Cam of the Week' August 2004.' The ''website of the week'' feature, which has now ceased, was not an award. It was purely an on-air item in which the presenter discussed the merits of various websites on a weekly basis. There was no suggestion that any website mentioned during that series was endorsed by BBC Radio Derby. I'd be grateful if that wording could be removed from your website, please, as it appears to mislead users into thinking that the site has won a BBC Radio Derby award."

Many thanks. Yours sincerely,
John Atkin
Programmes Editor
BBC Radio Derby

You give them your time in interviews and entertainment and they treat you like that. Well I never! Oh well, at least the 'Steve Wright Show' on National BBC Radio enjoyed it – so did 'East Midlands Today" on BBC1 Television. Some people!

Dear Sir,

Thank you so much for your matlock bath web cam, it has been on my screen for many months now. We are regular visitors to your town and tea rooms, and look forward to coming several times every year. It is a great interest to me to watch all that goes on.

Kind regards

J Fisk of Lincoln

Dear Madam, Dear Sir,
While drinking tea and searching for the quotation by Cowper, I came across your website.
It is as interesting and comforting as a cup of tea itself, and I have added it to my favorites.
Yours faithfully,

S. McCarthy

P.S. I am drinking Assam, and am about to have a second cup before getting back down to work (correcting exams - tea vital for this).

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